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13 Things Only Fake Tan Users Understand

Life isn't easy when you're pale. You blend into the sand at the beach, and everyone thinks it's hilarious to call you Casper. To celebrate our pale fury, here are 13 things only fake tan users will understand.

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1. You get weird looks when you say you’re going to go and tan at 10pm on a Thursday night


For us pale folk, tanning in the actual sun during the day is a rarity. Instead, tanning for us involves some mousse and a mitt in our bathrooms at night time.

9. You’ve probably skipped an event or two because you hadn’t tanned the night before


If you're going to invite me out, please inform me at least one week in advance. I need to exfoliate, moisturise and tan in the lead-up to the event.

12. You get way more attractive on Thursdays


Thursdays should be known as the International Day of Fake Tanning. In preparation for the weekend, pale ladies gather together in harmony and slap on some brown mousse. In other words, we all get way more attractive on Thursdays.

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