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This Photo Of A Dad Mowing His Lawn During A Tornado Is The Definition Of "This Is Fine"

They live in Canada. Obviously.

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This is Theunis Wessels, just casually out mowing his lawn Friday evening. Totally standard. Nothing really eventful going on.

Cecilia told BuzzFeed News that she was napping when her 9-year-old daughter woke her up, frightened by, oh, you know, this insane tornado outside the family's home in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.


The family moved to Canada from South Africa seven years ago, and while they aren't used to seeing tornadoes, Cecilia said her husband was totally chill because he attended a seminar led by Tornado Hunters' Greg Johnson.

Cecilia said she actually took the photo to show her parents in South Africa what a tornado looked like. But when she posted it to Facebook, with the caption "my beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair," she said everyone (surprisingly) had the same question: "Why is your husband mowing the lawn?'"

You know, while this is happening:

Facebook: video.php

Cecilia said the tornado was not as close it appears to be in the photo, and was actually moving away from the house.

Still. Like. No.

As to why her husband decided to get the grass looking sharp at that particular moment, Cecilia said: "It seems that most people here mow before the rain comes, so he thought he would do that, and, well, ended up famous."

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