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    Celebrities Are Sending Their Love After The Deadly Explosion At Ariana Grande's Concert

    Artists and celebrities expressed heartbreak after 22 people died and dozens more were injured at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

    Artists and celebrities took to social media to express their horror and heartbreak after 22 people died and dozens more were injured at an Ariana Grande concert Monday in Manchester, England, in what officials have described as a possible terrorist incident.


    A representative for Grande told Entertainment Weekly, “Ariana is okay. We are further investigating what happened.”

    A few hours after the explosion, Ariana Grande tweeted that she was "broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. don't have words."

    "We mourn the lives of children and loved ones taken by this cowardly act," Grande's manager, Scooter Braun, said in a statement.

    "I don't wanna believe that the world we live in could be so cruel," Bruno Mars wrote on Twitter.

    Twitter: @BrunoMars

    Like Grande, Mars is in the middle of an international stadium tour, and performed at an arena in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday.

    Liam Gallagher, from the band Oasis, said that he was in total shock by the events in Manchester.

    In total shock and absolutely devastated about what's gone down in MANCHESTER sending Love and Light to all the family's involved LG x

    "I'm heartbroken over what happened in Manchester tonight," British pop star Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction, said.

    I'm heartbroken over what happened in Manchester tonight. Sending love to everyone involved. H

    "My heart hurts for my sister, Ariana & every family affected by this tragic event in the U.K. Innocent lives lost," said Nicki Minaj.

    My heart hurts for my sister, Ariana & every family affected by this tragic event in the U.K. Innocent lives lost. I'm so sorry to hear this

    Kim Kardashian tweeted that concerts should be a place to "let loose & have fun."

    Concerts are supposed to be a place where u can let loose & have fun. So scary to not feel safe in this world.…

    I'm praying for everyone in Manchester. This is truly so senseless & heart breaking.

    "Tearing up imagining innocent concert goers losing their lives," wrote Demi Lovato.

    "Every musician feels sick & responsible tonight—shows should be safe for you. truly a worst nightmare," wrote Lorde.

    every musician feels sick & responsible tonight—shows should be safe for you. truly a worst nightmare. sending love to manchester & ari

    John Legend expressed heartbreak over the "awful attack."

    Sending love to the U.K., @ArianaGrande and all of her supporters who were caught up in this awful attack. Heartbreaking.

    His wife, Chrissy Teigen, wrote simply: "There are no words. This world."

    "Thinking about my @arianagrande and the U.K. In this moment ! Praying for u all!! Lord help," Jennifer Hudson posted on Instagram, with a photo of her and Grande.

    Instagram / Via

    A host of other artists and celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Halsey, and Katy Perry, tweeted that they were praying for people — mostly young girls — who attended the concert.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected in Manchester.

    My thoughts, prayers and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I'm sending all my love.

    Praying for everyone at @ArianaGrande's show

    Many artists expressed shock and disbelief.

    Cannot believe the news I am reading about Manchester...

    So heartbroken hearing about Manchester. Such a senseless and ruthless act in a place supposed to be filled with such joy and love.

    Absolutely Horrendous what happened in Manchester tonight. My thoughts are with the great people of Manchester and also Ari and her team xx

    To see what has happened in Manchester makes me really sad. My thoughts are with those that are experiencing such tragedy at this time x

    Sending all my love to every single family at the Manchester show last night. So upsetting

    I am so saddened to hear the news about what happened @ #ManchesterArena...Sending prayers to all & their families during this trying time🙏🏾

    What is happening in Manchester is absolutely terrifying. Praying everyone effected has found safety and hope Ariana is okay :( Jesus

    Thoughts to everyone in Manchester..... just horrifying 😩.

    Sending love to those affected in Manchester.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester, any one affected, @ArianaGrande and the entire crew. Heartbreaking

    My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this horrific act in Manchester. We need to do better. We need to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

    Absolutely heartbroken for #Manchester. Devastating news. My love, thoughts & prayers go out to all.

    Sad, sad news from Manchester. Praying for all the victims and families involved.

    The Rolling Stones are deeply shocked to hear of the appalling events in Manchester & send condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.

    Sending all our love to Manchester today. The news has left us speechless and heartbroken❤️❤️❤️

    Just saw the news about Manchester... Our hearts are breaking 💔 Prayers for all who attended, their families, Ari and her whole crew.

    Watching the news in total shock. Heartbreaking to hear of fatalities at the Manchester Arena.

    #Manchester has always been so close to my heart! These are innocent vulnerable kids, this could've been any of us! I'm devastated!

    We are so saddened by the tragedy in Manchester last night. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to the beautiful Ariana fans and their families ❤️

    Hold each other close today and everyday. Love is the only way to answer to something this hateful

    💔Absolutely sickened & angered by this senseless, evil attack. Thoughts are with everybody effected. Such a disturbing time we live in 😔

    No one should go to a concert and never come home 💔

    Horrified hearing about what's going on in Manchester . Bless everyone x

    Miley Cyrus said: "Wishing I could give my friend @arianagrande a great big hug right now... love love love you .... so sorry you had to be apart of such a tragic event! my most sincere condolences to anyone and everyone affected by this horrific attack!"

    Ellen DeGeneres tweeted: "The story is so sad and so scary. Sending all my love to Manchester."

    Many celebrities shared their thoughts.

    what happened in Manchester tonight is absolutely horrible. sending my love and prayers to those affected. 💔

    God bless everyone who was at Ariana's concert! My prayers are with you all and poor sweet Ariana! This is heartbreaking 💔

    Our prayers and strengh to the victims and their families involved in this tragedy in Manchester. Stay strong. @ArianaGrande 🙏🏾

    Heart breaks for everyone at the @ArianaGrande show- terrorism and hatred disrupting a magical escapist experience. Sending all love.

    Too close to home. Absolutely devastated for the families affected by last nights attack in Manchester.

    Love, respect, togetherness, compassion, bravery... We need all these things, all the time. If we have them, hate can not win. #Manchester

    Kim Kardashian took to Twitter as soon as she was awake, calling the incident "senseless" and "heartbreaking."

    Up early & ready about what happened in Manchester. This is truly so senseless & heart breaking. My heart goes out to everyone involved

    And said her thoughts were with the parents of the victims.

    I can't imagine the fear and agony these parents must be going through searching for their kids 💔

    David Beckham shared this image on Instagram.

    And Victoria Beckham posted this.

    James Corden also made a heartfelt tribute to the people in Manchester in a short video.

    View this video on YouTube

    "It shocks me, every time we hear this news, that attacks like this can happen," he said, "but especially when there will be so many children at this concert tonight."

    He then elaborated on what many people love about Manchester: "It's famous all over the world for so many things. Great football teams, Man City [and] Man United. It's famous for incredible music, Oasis and Joy Division. It was the birthplace of the leader of the suffragettes. It's the home of the inventor of the first computer. It's a place full of comedy and curries and character.

    "But when I think of Manchester, the place that I know, I think of the spirit of the people there. And I'm telling you, a more tight-knit group of people you will be hard pressed to find: strong, proud, caring people with community at its core.

    "And if it was even possible, the spirit of the people of Manchester will grow even stronger this evening."