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30 Reasons Geena Davis Is The Role Model Every Young Girl Needs

"If she can see it, she can be it." - Geena Davis

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10. And as her acting career progressed, she decided it was time to take on more challenging roles. Roles that went through emotional changes.

She was tired of playing the damsel in distress, the housewife, and girlfriend who watches from the sidelines as her boyfriend got to do all the exciting stuff.

She wanted to play roles that would make a woman feel empowered as they left the movie theater…


Thelma & Louise

A League of Their Own

Cutthroat Island

The Long Kiss Goodnight

18. And not only has her acting career skyrocketed to incredible heights, she’s also done some other fabulous things with her time:

21. But ya know, even with all of the success she's had throughout her life, Geena Davis says that she never really had a healthy self image until she was 36!

At 6 feet, she's always felt too tall and lanky. She hasn't ever felt coordinated, that is until she received praise about her athletic skills on the set of A League of Their Own.

She's living proof that even the most successful stars have issues with their bodies, but Geena Davis has found a way to conquer her self doubt!

22. She's come to love sports more than she ever thought she would, and she's even contributed to the Women's Sports Foundation

She thought that if she felt that self conscious about sports, so many other girls must too!

24. So huge, that she started The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

An organization that focuses on the gender imbalances in the media, especially media geared toward children. That's so important.

25. The institute also has a program called See Jane

Go to to learn about this awesome project!

If she can see it, she can be it!

That motto implies that if young girls see a plethora of opportunities for women on television and in movies, then they are more likely to grow up thinking that it's possible for them to do amazing things too!

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