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Can We Please Talk About The Bentonville Film Festival?

More women? More diversity? YES PLEASE!!

briannarose15 3 years ago

Geena Davis Predicts Great Things For Women In Film

Because its about fucking time.

briannarose15 4 years ago

PSA: This Is The Movie That Inspired The "Pretty Girls" Cover Art

Spoiler Alert: It involves makeovers, fun musical numbers, and brightly colored aliens!

briannarose15 4 years ago

36 Celebrity Eyebrows That Will Forever Be On Point

WORK DEM BROWS. (This list is in no particular order. All eyebrows shown here are equally fabulous.)

briannarose15 4 years ago

30 Reasons Geena Davis Is The Role Model Every Young Girl Needs

"If she can see it, she can be it." - Geena Davis

briannarose15 5 years ago

75 Things Girls Think While Getting Ready In The Morning

"How many times did I hit the snooze button? 23??? Oh..."

briannarose15 5 years ago

58 Thoughts Girls Have When They Find Out They're On Their Period

Oh, you wanted to wear your new white jeans today? Bummer.

briannarose15 5 years ago

15 Reasons Thelma And Louise Is The Bossest Movie You Need To See

And NOT just because they took the first selfie.

briannarose15 5 years ago

38 Facts That Prove Geena Davis Is The Coolest Chick In Hollywood

I mean, have you SEEN Thelma and Louise???

briannarose15 5 years ago