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Tell Us What Cheaper Items You Found That Pass For The Original

There's always a cheaper and more reasonable doppleganger out there.

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But be honest, can you tell the difference between this S'well bottle and this Oggi bottle?

S'well / Via, Oggi/Bed Bath & Beyond / Via

Instead of spending $45, you can snag this Oggi water bottle for only $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Or that Longchamp bag that everyone and their mom owns. Meet its twin sister, ABage.

And to think you almost spent $145 when this sucker is only $19.99 on Amazon. *adds to cart*

And how about the Canada Goose jacket that costs as much as your monthly rent?

Canada Goose/Bloomingdales / Via, Woolrich / Via

Yup, it has a doppleganger as well for $696.60. That's a bit better than spending $1000.

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