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    Lazer And Lockett Are The Most Slept On Celeb Kids Ever And We Need To Change That

    I said what I said.

    I'm sure we all know who Diplo is by now. But if you don't, he's a DJ and producer behind some amazing songs like "Lean On," "Know No Better," and "Where Are U Now".

    He's also known for being very funny on social media, often posting videos of him dancing and leaving a comment on almost every celeb's IG post.

    But let's be real, his sons Lazer and Lockett are actually the real reason I'm following Diplo's Instagram to begin with.

    Just look at these two. Innocent, carefree Diplo juniors.

    This is his eldest son, Lockett. And according to Diplo's captions on their pics together, he'll probably stick him in a retirement home one day.

    Lockett is king of not caring and doing his own thing, and idk, I wish I could be like him.

    And this is his youngest son, Lazer. Let those eyes speak for themself.

    Is this not the cutest kid you've ever seen???

    Lazer is really living in his own world. Looks peaceful.

    This is the content I signed up for: Diplo in peak soccer dad mode.

    It's not often that we get a Lockett/Lazer debut on Diplo's feed, usually you have to catch them on his story, but photos like these... Ugh, this picture. Diplo bringing his kid to work and teaching him how to play the piano is ultimate cuteness. It just makes me happy.

    And Diplo, let's get even more content of these two on Insta. ASAP. Thanks bye!