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    21 Underrated Dupes You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

    Give off the "big spender" vibe without spending much at all.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite off-brand dopplegängers, and here they are!

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users.

    1. We are all guilty of wanting to post a photo of our hand wrapped around a Yeti tumbler, but this tumbler from Ozark will do just fine. / Via

    "Instead of Yeti I love the Ozark trail brand sold at Walmart. It’s only $9.74 and keeps drinks cold for hours and hours. They come in several colors and sizes. But bigger of course is better."


    2. Small leather backpacks are the IT factor right now. If you're willing to opt for pleather instead, then consider this backpack from Forever 21 for $565.10 less than the Rag & Bone version. / Via

    –Rhonda Elnaggar, Facebook

    3. And while we're on the subject of backpacks... this Mn&Sue backpack on Amazon has the same sophisticated look of a Hershel and is $53 cheaper.

    4. For all you adventurous campers out there who are saving up for an Eno hammock, meet its dopplegänger from Bear Butt. / Via

    "Get a Bear Butt hammock instead of ENO for all you hikers and campers!"


    5. No matter how close you zoom, you cannot spot a difference between this Pandawell Apple Watch Band and this Milanese Loop. / Via

    "This Apple Watch band may not be made in Milan like the Milanese Loop by Apple, but it has the same design and the magnet is actually really strong. Plus, it’s $15.99 not $149!"


    6. It would be nice to have a pair of Valentino's in your closet – but these BCBG heels make it hard to spot a difference. / Via

    "These BCBG shoes are dead knockoffs for the Valentino’s! The BCBG shoes are sold at DSW and they usually have promotions so you can get them even cheaper!"

    Jillian Kushner

    7. UGGs are great and all, but you can get two pairs of Bearpaw boots for less than the price of one! / Via

    "Also, Bearpaw > UGGs"


    8. Wouldn't you rather have five Mossimo totes instead of one Dagne Dover? This deal is too good to pass on. / Via

    "This Target Mossimo tote is a freaking Dagne Dover knockoff that is just as amazing. It’s about $200 cheaper too."


    9. These Kamik rain boots are $105.05 less than these Hunter boots with basically the same exact design! / Via

    "Buy your normal basic rain boots and spend money on the Hunter brand boot socks."


    10. Water bottles are everyone's new Instagram aesthetic. Save yourself $20 by purchasing one from Simply Green Solutions instead of Hydro Flask. / Via

    "Marshalls has the best knockoff Hydro Flasks!! The one I got from Marshalls works better than my boyfriend's real Hydro Flask!"


    11. Everyone is longing for a Dutch oven these days. This Lodge Cast Dutch oven from Target can almost pass for the Le Creuset version and for about $70 cheaper. / Via

    "Lodge kitchenwares compared to Le Creuset – why spend $130 on a Dutch oven when you could spend $60?"


    12. Think of how often you have to replace makeup sponges. You can get the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for close to a third of the cost of a Beauty Blender.

    13. We all want the luxury of instant printing when it comes to taking photos, but those classic Polaroid OneStep cameras have gone up in price. You can still get the artsy photo aesthetic with a Fujifilm Instax camera for much less.

    14. These Stuart Weitzman boots are to die for, but also probably cost more than your car payment. Save yourself the stress and get these Steve Madden boots for $668.05 less. / Via

    —Sam Wielder, Facebook

    15. Get your morning fix with this Hamilton Beach coffee maker! It's less than half the price of a Keurig and comes in three different color options.

    16. These activewear leggings from Forever 21 have the same exact look as this pair from Lululemon, and they're $87.20 cheaper. Yaaass! / Via

    "Forever 21 brand yoga pants v. Lululemon!"

    —Cynthia Rodriguez, Facebook

    17. Chelsea boots are back in style and here to stay. You can snag a pair from Topman for $450 less than a pair from Common Projects. / Via

    —Ryan Schocket, Facebook

    18. Every guy needs a pair of black skinny jeans. Going for that Nudie look, but on a budget? Topman has a similar fit for $105 less. / Via

    —Billy Lorusso, Facebook

    19. This Guess watch has the same "no numeral" design as this Movado watch for MUCH less.

    20. These SojoS sunglasses have a shape so similar to Ray-Bans that it's worth saving $152. / Via

    "I use Sojos to buy fashion sunglasses on the cheap."

    —Caitlin Walsh, Facebook

    21. This JBL Flip 3 is a great portable Bluetooth speaker option for anyone who's thought of spending big money on a Beat Pill.

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