18 Photos Of Keith Powers That Prove Eyegasms Are A Thing

    Warning: These are some powerful photos.

    1. This is Keith Powers, he's an upcoming actor known for his roles in Straight Outta Compton, Famous In Love, and The New Edition Story. He shows out just as much on the big screen as he will on your phone screen.

    2. You could wash laundry on those abs.

    3. And he can even make an up-close front camera photo look like gold.

    4. This half-buttoned shirt is the ultimate tease since we have already seen his abs.

    5. He can rock a turtle neck and plaid, at the same damn time.

    6. That moment when you want to change your name to Mrs. Claus.

    7. No, but really.

    8. Oh so fashionable with the overalls and snapback.

    9. Tbh, he makes every look feel timeless, no matter the era.

    10. This selfie reminds me that his eyebrow game is annoyingly better than my own.

    11. Freckles coming through, fade looking smooth.

    12. His smile is absolutely blinding.

    13. And his jawline looks like it can cut through glass.

    14. He shamelessly takes all the shine away from this cute puppy by including himself in this photo.

    15. Something about this photo screams "come join me on this couch."

    16. Simple, yet sexy.

    17. Real men wear pink.

    18. And after looking at all those pics, don't you want nothing more than to lie down next to him and laugh at whatever he's laughing at?