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21 Times Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Reminded Us Why Black Love Rocks

Black love FTW!

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1. When their wedding photos made you instantly want to get married because they made it look so easy.

2. The countless times Dwyane had no shame in grabbing Gabi's butt in public.

Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

3. Or the countless times Gabi had no shame in grabbing his right back.

Bobby Metelus / Getty Images

4. That time Gabi showed off a naked Dwyane on her Instagram and was too real about her love for his "brown skin."

Trust me, I love it too.

5. Or the time Dwyane showed off a naked Gabi on his Instagram for her birthday.

Hard to believe this woman is 44.

6. The time they did the #SoGoneChallenge and it actually ate!

Bars, on bars, on bars.

7. Or the time Dwyane made it rain roses all over their hotel suite for Valentine's Day.

What do I have to do to deserve this?
@Dwyanewade / Via

What do I have to do to deserve this?

8. We certainly can't forget the time they got freaky on Snapchat and you could not help but watch more than once.

Snapchat: Mrdwyanewade / Via


9. Every Christmas they remind us that our family Christmas photos really ain't shit.

10. And not to mention, their New Year's photos.

Should I start taking New Year's photos?

11. They share an equal amount of sauce.

GabUnion / Via, GabUnion / Via

12. And they put in the work to make sure that the other person has an Instagram-worthy photo.

13. Their stunt game is on another level.

14. And they constantly throw harmless shade at each other.

15. Despite their busy schedules, they always make time for traveling.

16. Couples that workout together...

Gabunion / Via

17. ...look like Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade.

GabUnion / Via

18. He's a Being Mary Jane fan.

Dwyanewade / Via

19. And she's a die-hard Bulls fan.

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

20. Each time they show off their love on Instagram, we secretly envy them.

21. And in a world full of fakes, their love sure does look genuine.

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