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    23 WTF Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving From Texas To NYC

    Ya'll, it's very different out here.

    1. Expect people to do the absolute most on the Subway.

    Bettina Banayan / Via

    2. Smiling at a stranger is equivalent to a marriage proposal.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    3. Driving your own car is a luxury that you will never get back.

    CBS / Via

    Blasting music and singing at the top of your lungs just isn't as cool on a train filled with dozens of other people.

    4. And good luck getting anywhere on time because:

    @karunmukhi / Via

    I once took a cab ride for 21 minutes just to travel two miles.

    5. Or trying to parallel park, because when do you ever really have to do that in Texas?

    @keeperoftheweird / Via

    6. Searching for an apartment with a 'below $1000 monthly rent' budget feels like:

    Columbia Pictures

    7. And when you finally find something, expect it to be super small and filled with too many roommates.

    Village Voice / Via

    Shoebox status.

    8. Your "winter jacket" in Texas is only good for a chilly day in the spring.

    Brianna Holt, Neha Srivastava / Via Twitter: @KathyWithaK_

    9. And bad weather does not cancel school or work.

    http://@sambo.maen / Via

    10. Treat your MetroCard like a credit card.

    @j_fancycutiedesigns / Via

    Lose this baby once and that's it.

    11. And never pay full price for Broadway shows.

    TKTS / Via

    There are tons of options for getting discount tickets to shows and musicals, whether it is entering the lottery or purchasing the same day.

    12. Cat calling happens WAY more, to a point that you almost get used to it.


    13. And just kiss the Southern hospitality of holding doors and saying 'thank you' goodbye.

    NBCUniversal Television

    14. Get accustomed to being touched by strangers.

    Cole Sprouse / Via

    And smelling them.

    15. Carry hand sanitizer because you're gonna want it after getting off the Subway.

    Comedy Central

    16. And when the Subway is too crowded and you opt for walking, make sure you have comfortable shoes.

    Brianna Holt

    17. Despite the millions of people who live here, you'll still get lonely in the Big Apple.

    Viacom International Media Networks

    Go find yourself a boo.

    18. New York is the No. 1 state with the highest tax burden.

    NBC / Via

    Compared to Texas which, charges no state income tax at all.

    19. Drivers in New York literally give no fucks about you crossing the street.

    Paramount Pictures

    20. And a taxi ride always feels like a near-death experience.

    Warner Bros.

    "Did we really just run a stop sign?"

    21. Texting while walking is basically asking for a head-on collision.

    22. And rats are really out here running shit.

    Matt Little / Via

    23. And even though a lot of things are different, you'll without a doubt fall in love with this city.

    @shooting_nyc / Via

    Because who doesn't love comedy shows, cultural diversity, and naked cowboys?

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