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    Posted on May 29, 2017

    The Woke Bae On Your Facebook Feed Has A Name, Hasan Piker

    Issa husband.

    You've probably seen The Young Turks videos on your Facebook feed several times by now.

    TYT Networks

    But have you seen their host, Hasan Piker???

    @hasandpiker / Via


    Not only is he woke:

    And educated:

    LinkedIn / Via

    Why didn't I go to Rutgers?


    @hasandpiker / Via
    @hasandpiker / Via

    How long did you stare at this pic? Be honest.

    @hasandpiker / Via


    A snack that knows how to talk dirty.

    And if you're reading this, and wondering if you could possibly be his type...

    @hasandpiker / Via
    @hasandpiker / Via
    @hasandpiker / Via

    And yet, again.

    @hasandpiker / Via

    That's enough thirst for now.

    @hasandpiker / Via

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