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18 Products Everyone In A Long Distance Relationship Needs

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, these gifts will make your love grow stronger.

1. There's no better way to tell your partner "I miss your face" more than with a handmade candle.

2. And when you can't sleep next to your boo, here's the perfect pillowcase to make those long nights feel a little better.

3. Schedule monthly flower deliveries to your bae to remind them your love is always blooming.

Get them from Bloomsy Box for $40+.

4. And keep up with your schedule and your partner's schedule with this Long Distance Watch.

5. Send a care package filled with tons of gifts to keep your S.O. busy until they see you again.

6. Step up your letter game and send your boo a postcard that will never crumble or tear.

7. Your morning coffee won't feel as lonely with these customizable mugs.

8. Pocket compasses will always lead you and your favorite person back to each other.

Get it from Jim Clift on Amazon for $17.50.

9. And these Open When cards will guide your partner through every good and bad time they have without you.

10. Keep your boo feeling closer than ever with this personalized teddy bear that features your photo and initials.

Get it from CuddleBuddys on Amazon for $70.

11. When you really don't think you can last another day, whip out this long-distance survival guide for advice.

12. And when you just want to reminisce about all the good times, flip through this scrapbook of all your fondest memories together.

13. There's nothing sweeter than chocolate that says "I Miss Your Kiss" for your sweetheart.

14. Brighten up your walls with this map print until you and your partner can call the same space home.

15. Any Grey's Anatomy fan will understand why your special someone needs this You're My Person pillow.

16. Customize your own love coupons to show your companion how much they really mean to you.

17. The distance will start to look and feel a little bit shorter with this heart-shaped map.

18. And let's be real, this greeting card explains exactly how you feel when your soulmate hits your line.

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