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    15 Times Cole Sprouse Looked Too Good To Be Real

    More Cole for your soul.

    1. When only half of his abs were enough to turn you more than halfway on:

    2. When this open stance was the only invitation you needed:

    3. Or when he was simply just smoking hot:

    4. When he showed off his smoother-than-smooth chest:

    5. When this single, delicate tear streamed down his cheek:

    6. When his soft smile and tired eyes were more than enough:

    7. When he could have passed for a young Leonardo DiCaprio:

    8. And then again for a young Johnny Depp:

    9. When he fought back a sneeze to bless us with this perfect shot:

    10. When he proved that not even glasses could take away from his beautiful face:

    11. When the sun and his cigarette butt were the second- and third-hottest things in this picture:

    12. When his soft profile sent hard chills down your spine:

    13. When this flower blossomed because it was planted on Cole's head:

    14. When you would give anything to help him unbutton this shirt:

    15. And when you would have done anything to be either of these girls: