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17 Of The Most Instagrammable Fitness Places For Influencers In New York

Treating yourself has never looked this good.

As much as we dread working out sometimes, we must admit that we do feel energized and ready to conquer the world after a good cardio or yoga sesh—even if that does mean sweating out our edges. But if we are gonna push our bodies, and hair, to such limits, we might as well go somewhere where we can get a cute pic for the gram.

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Yes, we love an IG opp any and everywhere. #dontjudge. #letuslive #asis.

1. Fithouse

Offers: Yoga, circuit training, pilates, dance, HIIT classes

Photo ops: Instagram-worthy artwork in lobby (w. cute pillows to match), plus cool warehouse/garage-looking window

Location: 276 Bowery

Price: Unlimited classes for $99/ mo.

2. Cryofuel

Offers: Cryotherapy, infrared sauna, cryofacials

Photo ops: Complimentary "Change Your State" robes, video gaming systems in sauna, plus gym posts guests to company IG story

Location: 499 Canal Street

Price: Unlimited classes for $45+

3. Dogpound

Offers: Personal training, group classes

Photo ops: Onsite boxing ring, indoor and outdoor workouts, huge AF tire

Location: 1 Renwick St

Price: Classes start at $42

4. 305 Fitness

Offers: Cardio with a live DJ and light show

Photo ops: Catchy marquee, wall murals, LED-lit studios, lots of pink

Location: Multiple locations

Price: $34 for a single class, new clients get second class free

5. Tone House

Offers: Training and recovery circuits

Photo ops: Indoor and outdoor workouts, obstacle courses, ice baths

Location: 32 E 31st St

Price: Sessions starting at $20

6. Rumble

Offers: Boxing

Photo ops: Boxing glove wall, boxing rings, punching bag room, wall murals

Location: Multiple locations

Price: $34 per class

7. SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone)

Offers: Total body workout

Photo ops: Motivating wall murals, Megaformer machines

Location: Multiple locations

Price: Classes starting at $40

8. Cityrow

Offers: Rowing, HIIT classes

Photo op: Rowing machines

Location: Multiple locations

Price: $32 per class

9. Y7 Studio

Offers: Vinyasa, slow burn yoga

Photo ops: Clever pun wall murals

Location: Multiple locations

Price: $45 for three classes

10. AQUA Studio NY

Offers: Underwater cycling, land cycling, prenatal yoga

Photo op: Underwater bikes

Location: 78 Franklin St.

Price: Classes start at $32

11. SWERVE Fitness

Offers: Team cycling workouts

Photo ops: Bikes, signature wall, neon-lit signs

Location: Multiple locations

Price: Classes start at $34

12. NEO U

Offers: Boxing, kickboxing, HIIT, yoga, dance, pilates, plus more

Photo ops: Boxing ring, multiple murals and quote walls, neon "Always on" wall

Location: 420 5th Ave

Price: Classes start at $35

13. And Yoga Studios

Offers: Yoga and niche workouts

Photo ops: Ivy doorway, aerial yoga hammocks, plus tons of natural light

Location: 410 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn

Price: $10 trial class and then $25 per class

14. Athleta Studio

Offers: Yoga, dance, HIIT, boxing, plus more

Photo op: "The Power of She" wall

Location: 126 5th Ave (inside Athleta Flatiron)

Price: Most class are free classes, other classes are $18 each

15. Switch Playground

Offers: High intensity interval training, full body workout, live DJ

Photo ops: LED-lit workout rooms, signature cement wall

Location: 130 E 12th St.

Price: One class for $35 plus one free

16. Rhythm Ryde

Offers: Indoor cycling, boxing, bootcamp, yoga classes

Photo op: LED-lit workout rooms

Location: 127 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn

Price: One class for $30

17. Uplift

Offers: Endurance, strength, sculpting classes

Photo ops: Empowering wall messages, life-size Instagram cutouts

Location: 24 W. 23rd St, Floor 2

Price: $35 per class

Happy sweatin' and snappin'!

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