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22 Marriage Proposals That Were The Absolute Most

True love is still alive and these proposals are here to prove it.

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3. How about this boyfriend who took it up a notch by faking an arrest?


5. And this guy wanted some major privacy and shut down all of Times Square.

The Most Rating: 10/10

6. This boyfriend and his bike club took "stopping traffic" very literally when asking his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.


8. Or instead of going the old verbal route, why not ask in memes?

11. Imagine the time that goes into planning a wedding proposal and a wedding all for the same day.


This guy made it happen.

The Most Rating: 10/10

12. You know it's true love when you spend every day of the year proposing.

13. Or better yet, plan a marriage proposal for four years from 26 different countries.

14. Acting in a fake music video and tricking your bride-to-be into thinking it's part of a scene is just too clever.


15. It's just as clever as this guy who literally starred in a movie, had his girlfriend watch it in a theater, and then showed up in person to propose.

18. And this guy planned a whole day of activities that ended at his girlfriend's high school basketball court.


19. This software engineer created an app suggesting different activities for his girlfriend to do for a week. The final activity led her to a picnic where he proposed.

The Most Rating: 6/10

20. And this game developer created a video game that forced his girlfriend to complete all the levels before getting a ring.

21. This magician proposed by doing a magic trick in front of his audience at one of his shows.