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    25 Things People Who Went To Catholic School Know A Little Too Well


    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about things only people who went to Catholic school have experienced. Here are some of the wildest examples.

    1. This terrible attempt at ruining childhood imagination:

    2. And missing out on the joy of dressing up for Halloween:

    3. These obscure dress code rules that forbid individuality:

    4. This cheap way to kind of wear what you want:

    5. This very weird way of saying detention:

    6. This pretty sexist rule that somehow still exists:

    7. This neat way around the system:

    8. This course that you probably never heard of:

    9. This extreme consequence for girls only:

    10. The only way to harvest a relationship:

    11. And the way staff made sure that relationship would not harvest:

    12. This problem with adjusting to the real world:

    13. The moment you realize you'll never escape your classmates:

    14. This pain that everyone endured every Friday:

    15. And this health scare that happened a little too frequently:

    16. The fact that you memorize more prayers than vocabulary words:

    17. Or memorize more songs than vocabulary words:

    18. This feeling of being left out during every mass:

    19. These words that were just as bad as cursing:

    20. This protocol that came naturally:

    21. This setup that didn't really make any sense:

    22. This encounter that several parents probably had with teachers:

    23. This shocking find that most students noticed in college:

    24. And this serious concern all day, Ash Wednesday:

    25. But the best part of all...

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