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    18 Moments Every Foreign Exchange Student In The States Can Relate To

    "So, like, do you only eat Indian food?"

    1. Everyone at your school wanted to date you because you seemed so “foreign.”

    2. And falling for someone was a risk because you knew that your time together would be short.

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    Just don't.

    3. Your peers would try to identify with you by saying the one sentence they knew in your first language.


    4. Classes were super easy because you already took them three years before at your school back home.

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    5. And you laughed when your peers complained about the "abnormally heavy" workload.


    6. Your least favorite class was American history because you didn't have a reason to retain the information.


    7. Making friends was actually pretty easy, because who doesn't want to brag about having a friend from a different country?


    (Or continent)

    8. But making an A on an exam was even easier.


    9. People would always ask when they can visit you in your home country.

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    As if your home is an Airbnb.

    10. Your friends always made this face when they found out you listened to American music.


    I mean, who doesn't listen to Beyoncé?

    11. You had to adjust to "being too young to drink" even though you'd been drinking for years.

    12. You dominated in all the "less popular" sports because they were popular back in your country.


    13. You worried that your friends back home would move on.

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    Thankfully, they didn't.

    14. You feared gaining weight from the unhealthy food options at every corner.

    15. And hated that the lunch options at school were even considered "food."

    16. Figuring out the American style seemed impossible.

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    Why are people wearing exercise clothes to class?

    17. Everyone assumed that you fit every stereotype from your country.


    18. And right when you started feeling like the US was becoming home, the semester ended, and you had to leave.

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