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    • briannaf7

      This movie came out when I was 8. When I was 8, I was not familiar with airline tickets in any way. So no, I didn’t pick up on the red ticket jacket mixed in with the red napkins in a two second shot. I was focused on the violent physical comedy to come! Also, major plot hole - if that was his ticket, how did they count the correct number of tickets at the airport? If I had picked up on the ticket in the trash, I’d also assume they’d found it when she counts the tickets and isn’t like ‘weird, missing one’.

    • briannaf7

      I don’t understand why this was even necessary, if they were going to be renovating the building - it looks much WORSE now! Just terrible and last minute and trashy - why not set a date, if it’s going to be done, and then at least paint the building properly instead of this terrible one coat can see through the paint monstrosity? I honestly don’t see why this person wasted a ton of money to do a slipshod, terrible unsightly job of things, when the building was being renovated anyway - surely they’re not intending this to be the actual exterior finish, so why do the work twice? Unless you’re just trying to piss people off.

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