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    Top 10 Food Scenes In Movies

    We all have our favorites, let's see how yours match up!

    10. Just the Entire Julie and Julia Movie

    The entire movie is about food! I don't think I can pick one scene. Just as long as it's covered in butter...

    9. Harold and Kumar Finally Get White Castle

    Although it was White Castle, which, let's face it is well…White Castle, the pure quantity is what gets our mouths watering.

    8. Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Date

    Yes, this is animated, but don't even try to deny that big meatball didn't make you lick your lips! Ok, that got weird...

    7. My Best Friends Wedding Opening Restaurant Scene

    Almost 20 years later and this still makes my vegetarian stomach growl. I don't know what is in it, but I don't care.

    6. The Breakfast Surprise in A Little Princess

    Sorry to alienate the males who haven't seen this movie, which is a shame! Basically the girls imagine this food and their friendly neighbor surprises them with a breakfast feast. Moral for all you young girls, "always take food from strangers", especially if it looks that good!

    5. The Critic Scene in Ratatouille

    Yes, it's animated, again. At least this film is all about food, deserving a spot on our list. I don't know what that is, but I want it now.

    4. The Prison Dinner Scene in Goodfellas

    Who didn't think about "taking care" of some mobsters after seeing what prison life is like? Just me?

    3. Harry Potter End of Term Feast

    Did it bother anyone else that Harry and his friends couldn't care less about this feast?! They were way too concerned with their quidditch and their house cup...

    2. Imaginary Feast in Hook

    Now here are some boys who appreciate a good meal, even if it's not real. Remember Thud Butt chowing down?! Tell me you weren't starving!

    1. Willy Wonka Showing off The Factory

    Every kid watched this scene over and over and over again. Planning WHEN they get to the Chocolate Factory where they would start. I'm going mushroom whipped cream...

    Allright I'm hungry now, guess White Castle doesn't sound so bad...