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A Definitive Ranking Of NFL Mascots

Enjoy the most important football list all year.

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31. Chief Zee: Washington Redskins / Via wikipedia

Chief Zee first appeared on September 5, 1978. In 1983, Chief Zee attended a game against the Eagles and was attacked by Eagles fans who broke his leg, tore off his original costume, and left him hospitalized. This occurrence didn't stop him and he is still attending games.

While he is an unofficial mascot to the Redskins, it's just not a good time to be a fan. This name controversy will not be going away any time soon and there will probably be a new mascot in the near future.

30. Fireman Ed: New York Jets

Via wikipedia

Again an unofficial mascot, who quit in 2012 after being harassed for wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. He did not create the chant, "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets Jets!" but he has lead it since appearing at games in 1986.

28. No Mascot: Green Bay Packers, New York Giants,

Green Bay

You would think being the third oldest team in history you would have a mascot, try caricaturizing a Packer?


There is no mascot unless you count Eli Manning who would make a great cheerleader!

Still better than a raccoon...

26. Poe: Baltimore Ravens / Via

"When originally unveiled, Poe was one of three costumed mascots, all raven brothers named "Edgar", "Allan", and "Poe". Because the Baltimore Ravens were named after the poem "The Raven" by Baltimore resident Edgar Allan Poe, it was natural to name their mascots after Poe."

Not sure if poetry and football mix...

24. Sir Saint and Gumbo: New Orleans Saints


Sir Saint was the original mascot later joined by Gumbo. For years, Gumbo was, in fact, a real Saint Bernard dog that roamed the sidelines in Saints' apparel for dogs.

23. Miles: Denver Bronos

ESPN / Via

Miles is one of two official mascots of the Denver Broncos. Created on January 31, 1999, the same day that the Broncos became Super Bowl champions.

However, last year Miles lost a Superbowl bet and had to wear a Russell Wilson jersey as punishment.

22. Swoop: Philadelphia Eagles


During the NFL regular season, Swoop regularly appears as an animated character in the weekly Eagles Kids Club television show. Since the show's debut in 2005, the animated version of Swoop has been serving as a host of this show.

21. K.C. Wolf: Kansas City Chiefs


First introduced in 1989 as a successor for Warpaint, a horse ridden by a man in full Indian chief headdress from the mid-1980s, K. C. Wolf was named after the team's "Wolfpack,"; a group of rabid fans who used to sit in temporary bleachers at Municipal Stadium.

20. Big Red: Arizona Cardinals


"Hatching" in 1998, this bird is exhausted and might need some help, just read his memoir, "I've spent many postgame hours prone whilst those who assist me try to nurse me back to health by turning me into the dasani water dispenser, tipping that five gallon jug right in to my mouth after tossing in a couple Tylenol."

15. Blue: Indianapolis Colts


Blue was first introduced on September 17, 2006 in the Colts' first home regular season game against the Houston Texans in which they won. That season, the Colts would go on to win Super Bowl XLI, defeating the Chicago Bears and winning their first Super Bowl since arriving in Indianapolis.

You're my boy Blue!

14. Sourdough Sam: San Francisco 49ers


Throughout the years, Sam's appearance has been changed. "He used to appear as a character with a scruffy brown beard, brown eyes, and a wide-brimmed ten-gallon hat with a chunk taken out of its brim. He then appeared as a clean-shaven gold panner with blue eyes and a hat without any imperfections. A bearded Sourdough Sam returned for the 2011 season."

Just reminding me of sourdough bread gives him instant cred.

10. Who Dey: Cincinnati Bengals


This Bengal is fierce but not afraid to show his soft side, his very soft and fluffy side, look how cute he is!!

He enjoys riding his scooter and his favorite song is "Welcome to the Jungle", adorbs!

9. Boltman: San Diego Chargers


An unofficial mascot, Dan Jauregui has been dressing up as Boltman since 1996. He took a hiatus from 2009 to 2013 and revamped his look. His creepy, roided out, "Mask-esq" look...

8. Sleely McBeam: Pittsburgh Steelers


Steely doesn't care about football, or mascots, or fun, he just wants to get home from the construction site and have a drink until he passes out.

Definitely an odd one, the woman who created "the everyman" for a contest, said it was "meant to represent Steel for Pittsburgh's industrial heritage, ‘Mc’ for the Rooney family's Irish roots, and Beam for the steel beams produced in Pittsburgh."

7. Rowdy: Dallas Cowboys


Rowdy has quite a dust cloud around him! The team mascot starting in 1996 hasn't been seen since 2010! There is even a website devoted to getting him out with the last post reading "Rowdy has been removed!!!" If you see Rowdy roaming the streets of Texas, please contact local authorities.

6. Roary: Detroit Lions


Roary sounds like a great catch, "Roary likes to live on the edge and is quite the adventurist! He has been known to ride mechanical bulls, tube down a ski hill, and water ski. There isn’t anything Roary won’t do." I'm so swiping right!

5. Jaxson de Ville: Jacksonville Jaguars


Scoring mayor points with the most clever name (well done Jacksonville), this guy's a bad ass! He eats pizza and bungee jumps off the scoreboard, who knew someone from Florida could be so cool?

3. Ragnar Lodbrok: Minnesota Vikings


The only human official mascot in the NFL, Ragnar enters the stadium on a motorcycle in full Viking garb.

Joseph Juranitch who plays Ragnar holds the current world record for fastest time shaving a beard with an axe.

So basically he's not one to mess with...

2. Captain Fear: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


His survival story is quite captivating, "On Friday, June 2, 2000, the Clearwater Coast Guard rescued Captain Fear from the choppy water of Tampa Bay. One night while guiding his ship through an intense Caribbean storm, the famous captian was thrown overboard when the vessel was struck by lightning".

Plus he's a FREAKING PIRATE! How sick is that!?

1. Pat Patriot: New England Patriots


How can this not be the best mascot in football?! It's a soldier in the AMERICAN Revolution! Though there is controversy over the "new" helmet logo dubbed "Flying Elvis", Pat will always belong on the field.

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