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What The World's Highest Paid Musicians Made Per Second In 2014

Oh, to earn Dr. Dre money for half an hour.

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Using data from the annual year-end Forbes magazine story that reports what the world's highest paid musicians made over the year, the website Sky Range has done the math and calculated what those stars made per second in 2014.

FilmMagic D Dipasupil

Leading that list is Dr. Dre (pictured here with Interscope head honch Jimmy Iovine), who lead all earners in music thanks to the deal his Beats Electronics made with Apple in May. As a result, Dre made $620 million last year, or $19.66 per second each of the year's 31,536,000 seconds.

You've got your Pop Superstars: Justin Bieber made $80 million in 2014, or $2.54 a second. Beyonce made $115 million, $3.65 every second of the year. Taylor Swift? She earned $2.03 a second, or $64 million for the year.

Singers and Solo Acts: Bruce Springsteen earned a whopping $2.57 a second last year, or $81 million. Celine Dion pulled down $36 mill, which is $1.14 per second. Paul McCartney made a jaw-dropping $71 million, or $2.25 a second, despite the fact that no one even knows who he is.

There are a lot more artists listed, so go ahead: take a stroll and see what the biggest stars in music made per second last year.