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The 29 Most SXSW Things Overheard At SXSW

At SXSW you hear lots of context-free snippets from people walking by on the street or waiting between sets for an act. We kept our ears open all week and kept a list of true gems.

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1. "I play guitar for Carrie Underwood."

2. "I live in L.A. but I'm based in Michigan eight months out of the year. I work on a reality show there. It's about a veterinarian."

3. "A dragonfly's wings are more structurally sound than a spider web or a skyscraper, so this guitar uses the structure of dragonfly wings as its base design. It's so sturdy. You can't smash it."

4. "How you doin', SXSW? Want free yogurt? Step right up to the Chobani Greek Yogurt truck. We've got free samples of all your Chobani favorites."

5. "I've eaten free McDonald's every day at the McDonald's showcase. I don't give a fuck."

6. "We were first to streaming, but spent zero dollars on marketing, so Spotify ate our lunch."

7. "Do you know that band Morbid Angel? Their singer is a good friend of mine, and he got me that hookup."

8. "So we really had to think hard about what it is we do, and we returned to our mission statement, which is all about bringing integrity back to music."

9. "Imagine tuna tempura, shaved, with shaved wasabi and, like, a coleslaw type thing. It was amazing."

10. "I feel like Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are soulmates."


11. "RiFF RAFF is trash and that's why I love him. Don't overthink that shit, bruh."

12. "I streamed it on Spotify"

"It's not on Spotify."

"I streamed it somewhere."

13. "The kid just wrote 'Parking $15' in Sharpie on a poster board and taped the sign to a trash can. We totally could've parked there and not paid. That kid did not own that parking lot!"

14. "I'm through going to shows just because I heard Kanye was going to be there. That's why they start those rumors -- to get you to go to their weak-ass show."

15. "Oh no! My phone died just as I was making that Tweet! That would've gotten so many Re-tweets!"

16. "The only way to make money is to tour and touring sucks."

17. "Is that Big Sean? I think that's Big Sean! I'll be right back. That's definitely not Big Sean."

18. "Taco Cabana isn't good, but their tacos are better than anything you'll find in New York."

19. "The Turn Up is real in that one."

20. "If it's not on Sixth Street I don't fuck with it."

"It's a block away, on Seventh."

"Seventh ain't Sixth."

21. "I didn't understand one thing that was said in that panel."

22. "I saw Dip Set! They were good, but Cam just wore a white tee. No pink anything. No flip phone. That was disappointing!"

23. "I meant to go to that panel 'Give It Away Now: The Value In Free Music' but I couldn't wake up. Besides, giving my music away is kinda the only option I have at this point.'

24. "I love Twista, but Twista is not a surprise guest. A surprise guest is someone you're excited about."

25. "We waited in line for three hours to get into Fader Fort yesterday."

26. "I just say no to FOMO."

27. "You don't know him? He's great. Been in Austin a long time. He actually started that 'Don't move here' campaign."

28. [To the tune of O.T. Genasis' "CoCo"] "I'M IN LOVE WITH THE QUESO!"

29. "The meat sweats are a very real thing."

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