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Premiere: All Hell Breaks Loose In Boaz And Riff Raff's New Video

Seriously, we have no idea what's going on here.

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There's a lot going on in the new video of frequent Diplo and Major Lazer collaborator Boaz van de Beatz: Vehicular maintenance, boozing, fighting, the first ever appearance of "EDM Riff Raff" (Riff's EDM alter-ego), and near-global destruction.

The song, "Guappa," has a simple enough premise. "My hair is turning gray, from chasing all this money every single day," sings Dutch rapper Mr. Polska on the hook.

"It's all about getting inspired, doing fun stuff and gettin' that guap at the same time," Mr. Polska tells BuzzFeed Music about the song. You know, like this:


"I like to chase my money with ice cold vodka and a black and neon green can of Monster energy drink," Riff Raff tells us.


Er, make that "EDM Riff Raff," who is making his first appearance in "Guappa." In the past we've seen country and rock incarnations of Riff Raff, and now he's branching out further because, well, we'll let him explain:

"Rather than trying to cater to a certain group or genre of music or make a radio hit, I have come to the realization that you can't make people like you or you can't make [radio DJs] play your songs," he tells BuzzFeed Music.


"I make music for me and whatever I want to make or whatever I feel at the time," he continues. "My next albums will be more towards that direction of unstructured sounds rather than trying to accommodate people who aren't even in my same realm."


(He is Riff Raff. You can only hope to understand him.)

Get in EDM Riff Raff's realm by watching Boaz van de Beatz's "Guappa" video, premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed Music, below.

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