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    Japan's Biggest Sensation Dresses Like Sgt. Pepper On Friday The 13th

    Meet the all-girl Kamen Joshi, aka "Mask Girls," who just topped the charts in Japan.

    Earlier this year Japanese idol group Kamen Joshi, or Mask Girls, released a track, "元気種☆" or "Genkidane☆," which is now No. 1 on Japan's Oricon Singles Chart.

    Oricon keeps track of singles and albums sold in Japan. But, unlike our own Billboard (where Mask Girls are also currently making noise), Oricon chart rankings are based on physical singles sales only, and does not include download sales or YouTube streams. "Genkidane☆" sold 132,000 physical copies in its first week, propelling them to No. 1 with no major label backing, according to, a fan site for premiere Japanese idol group Babymetal that also keeps its finger on the pulse of all things J-Pop.

    Mask Girls are made up of three Japanese idol groups -- Alice Juban, Steamgirls, and Armorgirls. "Genkidane☆" is a Babymetal-inspired romp that switches on a dime from cheery positivity to hardcore, boot-stomping metal.

    It's the happiest nightmare you've ever subjected yourself to.

    The lyrics in "Genkidane☆" are designed to inspire -- pump you up, get you excited about life. Kamen Joshi are basically singing random positive phrases. The song's title means "happy/energetic."

    "It's kind of a pun because that last character -- 種 -- also means 'seed' (of a plant)," says BuzzFeed illustrator and Japanese speaker Faye Kahn. "Normally it's spelled differently."

    Kahn helped translate some of the song's lyrics, which alternate between Japanese and English, to help us nail down its basic theme.

    English words are in bold:

    Everybody strongest! Going Now!! (x2)

    Always be happy! Let a smile bloom clearly across your face!

    Color changing flowers are blooming everywhere without stopping! Youthful energy!


    After all that sunshine comes a dark cloud by the way of intense guttural screams and a dramatic shift in mood to wash away whatever posi-vibes the song's beginning may have built up.

    Then it's back to Pleasantville... a Pleasantville stocked with teenage Japanese girls dressed like Sgt Pepper ballerinas who were put on earth to do the bidding of Jason Voorhees.

    The song continues: "Scream it to the sky every day! [In English] Rock this valley! Scream it again and again so it resounds! [In English] Rockin' Body!"

    "Today you're a small seed/ Show off how important you are/ Don't be afraid, go forth confidently into the unpredictable world!" they sing.

    Words to live by.

    Watch the video in full below.

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    And sleep tight in the knowledge that you now have a new theme song for the year.