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    Drake And Madonna Made Out On-Stage At Coachella And It Was Awkward

    Nothing was the same.

    Drake closed out the first weekend of Coachella with an hour-plus long set that included a good deal of his hits. He even surprised the crowd by bringing out a special surprise guest.

    After he performed a verse and a chorus from "Madonna" off his latest mixtape/album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, the music faded, and out walked Madonna herself. The crowd was surprised. But not as much as Drake himself by what happened next.

    After performing "Human Nature" and stripping down to a shirt that read "Big As Madonna" -- lyrics from Drake's song named after her -- Madonna laid a sloppy kiss on Drake.

    It was awkward.

    Real, real awkward.

    After it's over you can hear Drake say "Oh, shit. What the fuck just happened?" and laugh.

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    Please no one tell him.

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