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    Cary Brothers' New "Lovin' On You" Video Was Shot In Puppy Paradise


    Cary Brothers' (first name Cary, last name Brothers, one person) new video "Lovin' On You" was filmed in a puppy paradise.

    It stars Leo, a purebred St. Bernard puppy who stole Brothers' heart the instant he saw his photo.

    "The dog's a star," he tells BuzzFeed News via phone from LAX, where he was just about to catch a flight to begin a seven-week tour of North America with singer-songwriter Joshua Radin.

    "Lovin' On You" was filmed in Brothers' Los Angeles apartment, and in addition to the Furry Cuddle Lump Leo, it features 21 other puppies. It's too much. There are some Grade-A Puppy Piles happening all over this video.

    "I've owned dogs all my life. But my current apartment building in L.A. doesn't allow pets," Brothers tells BuzzFeed News. "And besides, I'm on tour all the time, and don't feel right owning a dog when I'm hardly ever home. This video was an excuse to pack my apartment full of puppies for two days."

    I mean...

    There are puppies everywhere.


    Brothers wrote "Lovin' On You" after coming through a dark time in his life, he says. He'd just broken up with a longtime girlfriend, and his father had just passed. "I decided to write a song against what I was feeling," he says.

    "So many people tweet me saying, 'It's a Cary Brothers kinda night — I'm crying and drinking a bottle of wine.' And I started to think, How come a 'Cary Brothers night' can't be about driving around the city, or having fun?"

    He used the song and video as a way to confound expectations.

    Many famous friends (and former tourmates) of Brothers have tweeted about the video.

    "I was a giant fan of Liz Phair's in college," Brothers says. "It's surreal to see her tweeting the video."

    "If anything, this video taught me: I miss owning a dog." says Brothers. "I may not be long for that apartment complex. The shoot with 22 puppies was absolute insanity. A zoo.”

    Yep. The best zoo.

    Watch Cary Brothers' "Lovin' On You" video in full below.

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    Brothers' new Lovin' On You EP is out this week via INgrooves.