Don Brian Levy
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    • Don Brian Levy

      The real issue is that the scope of law is expanding beyond original intent and will continue to do so as there is no real oversight except by those whose jobs and empires depend on it. The door is open but as with all things governmental, as time goes on the door will open further and further to encompass far more that what it currently is. As technology improves and budgets increase the program will further invade our privacy and challenges in court based on privacy will not succeed as now the government can claim there can not be an “expectation of privacy” as the program is common, public knowledge.  Considering what J. Edgar Hoover did as to information gathering and his and the government’s unlawful use of it, imagine what can happen if others of similar mindset, either politicians or civil servants potentially could do today. I can envision a time when, like in so many counties, preventative detentions or arrests under certain conditions such as political convention, summit, etc. to forestall falling in opposition taking place that could be justified in protecting public property, reducing security concerns and costs, etc.  The concept of PRISM seems odd as it is discussed. The agency collects all of the information and then starts to look for traces that could lead to tracking. How do they know what traces to look for; there must be some external trigger such as an interception from outside the PRISM program. If so, why not just get a search warrant or supeona and go to the various control points, internet companies, telcos, etc. for the specific correspondence wanted.

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