getbsauced Bartender? I barely know 'er!
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  • #PeaceDay Martini

    In honor of #PeaceDay, we’re taking it upon ourselves to solve some world issues the same way we solve most other issues: with booze and dessert. But while that may not be a viable solution for now, check out some things you can do to celebrate #PeaceDay:

  • The Only Martini You Will Ever Need

    Let’s face it, you’re only making cocktails if you’re celebrating with friends or just sitting around sad, watching Netflix. (That’s not just me, right??) This recipe’s got your back in either situation. #Drinks4GrownUps

  • Star Wars Cocktail: The Blue Wookie

    A not so long time ago, in a galaxy shockingly near, one man set out to create a delicious intergalactic-themed cocktail. He definitely didn’t get sued by George Lucas in the process. B’Sauced is a weekly comedy bar show on YouTube. Always drink responsibly, kids.

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