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Artist No One Has Heard Of Indignant That Rolling Stone Has Not Named Album Best Of The Year

And the year has barely even begun.

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Artist No One Has Heard Thinks Rolling Stone Needs to Name His New Album Best of Year

In what could be described as "Onion Like" in it's approach, recording artist Brian Lambert is indignant that Rolling Stone has yet to name his new album "Waiting on the Comeback" best album of the year. When questioned about this matter, Brian, stated," Yeah, I know no one outside of a small audience has even heard of me. Still it's a great album and Rolling Stone needs to go ahead and name it album of the year." When it was pointed out the year had barely begun and these honors are usually handed out at the end of the year and to albums released from known record labels, Lambert seemed oblivious and even a bit defiant. "It's a great album. Break the rules is what I say."

Talking about the album, Lambert says "The majority of this album was recorded over a 48 hour period. It might appear to be a collection of random songs placed in an order. Isn't that life for you, a series of random events that somehow connect and form a picture. Really it's about life, relationships, work, the world, loss and money. I tried to capture the sights, sounds, the smells of a real life rock band. I got that, but I got a whole lot more. But enough of my yacking, sit back and enjoy the album." When it was pointed out that he was quoting "This Is Spinal Tap", he simply shrugged it off with a flippant,"Great documentary".

It was also pointed out that the album was not the conventional record done with exacting editing and performances that are done bar by bar and then processed and then processed some more. It was as if he had concentrated on getting great emotional takes as opposed to editing and auto-tuning the life out of the performance. " Yeah, I am not so concerned with hitting every note perfect. The music I grew up on wasn't perfect but it was real people making real music. I don't know if it's that American Idol stuff or Glee or whatever, but since when has something processed so much that the humanity has been sucked out been better than a real person putting their soul out there. My favorite moments are when John Lennon or Paul Westerberg's voices crack. You know it's coming from some place deep inside. If you like a real person putting it all out there then this is for you."

When asked why he has not made more of an impact, so that Rolling Stone and other magazine might actually know who he is, he replied, "It's kind of frustrating, people will listen to like 20 seconds of a song and then move on. Like 20 seconds is going to let you know if it's going to be good or not. What about paying attention to song structure or lyrics or the entire album as a whole? People who like my music listen to the whole thing. For the love of god, just open another window and listen to it while you are continuing to look at reddit. You don't have to make a snap decision, when something is a little bit different you need to let it sit. These are well crafted songs that mean something to me, not a quick candy fix."

At this point it was pointed out that this whole article was beginning to seem a bit disingenuous, since it was in fact, Brian Lambert, writing the article and not a real interview. "It's getting pretty meta at this point." What about the fact you really did release a serious piece of music you would like people to buy and to listen. Don't you feel that you may be undermining your credibility with a cheap comic gag? "Hey, White Stripes pretended to be married, or brother and sister or whatever. It didn't hurt them in the long run. Any way there's more to me than just serious songs, I do have a sense of humor about such things."

It seems to be yet another in Brian Lambert's attempts to garner attention. He previously has charged $1000 for a single song or started a petition to have the Old 97's " A State of Texas" made the official state song of Texas. Both of which are funny, but he's not really kidding. When asked what he will do next if this attempt doesn't receive the attention and musical acclaim he is seeking. " I don't know, I am sure I'll think of something else. I always do. Maybe I'll do a gimmicky song about going to the thrift store or something. I'll just talk about funny stuff with video game music on in the background." He seems to have a bit a of a bad attitude. "It's rock and roll, it comes with the territory. But I bet you probably want me to auto tune that out as well."

Open another window press play and listen to the entire album, don't sell out and be one of those 20 second people. Go to the site, read the lyrics, listen to the music.

Own the new album from Brian Lambert "Waiting on the Comeback" through Bandcamp.

That part is not a joke, really buy the album.

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