21 Things That Made ’90s Kids Crap In Their Pants

    How many of these kept you up at night?

    1. The "evil furnace" scene in Home Alone.

    2. The "In the Dreamtime" episode of Rugrats.

    OK, so this episode was just weird, but the scenes where Tommy and Stu turn around and reveal their super-creepy faces, accompanied by a sinister laugh, was downright nightmare-inducing. Hell, even hearing "I'm not Stu!" today will give you goosebumps.

    3. The Grand High Witch reveal scene in The Witches.

    Talk about a shit-in-your-pants moment: After much anticipation, the Grand High Witch finally reveals, toward the end of the film, what she really looks like — and it was worse than you could ever have imagined. And you thought she was terrifying when she was dressed as a human.

    4. Pennywise in It.

    5. “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner” episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    6. “The Tale of the Dead Man’s Float” episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

    Let's be honest: The pool monster was just way too scary for a kids show.

    7. And of course the intro to Are You Afraid of the Dark? was just plain chilling.

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    Still scary after all these years.

    8. The scene where Hexxus comes back to life as the oil monster in FernGully: The Last Rainforest.

    9. The Penguin's death scene in Batman Returns.

    10. Zeke the Plumber in Salute Your Shorts.

    11. Slappy the Dummy in Goosebumps.

    12. "The Haunted Mask" two-part episode of Goosebumps.

    13. But even scarier than the series were the Goosebumps books themselves.

    14. The scene where Elizabeth finds the troll in her bed in Ernest Scared Stupid.

    This is actually a really unexpected horror movie twist in what is primarily a slapstick comedic movie. In the scene, Elizabeth hears a noise under bed. When she looks underneath, she finds only her teddy bear, and upon getting back into bed, she turns around and finds the troll lying next to her staring at her. AHHH!!!

    15. Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    16. The rhino in James and the Giant Peach.

    An evil rhino that comes out of the clouds to kill James' parents? Talk about a traumatizing moment.

    17. The chokey in Matilda.

    18. The "You're not perfect" moment in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

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    OMFG, seriously, that creepy whisper!!! DISTURBING!!!! Also the episode just ends like that, WTF?!

    19. The Crypt Keeper in Tales From the Crypt.

    20. The theme song to The X-Files.

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    This did to '90s kids what the Unsolved Mysteries theme did to '80s kids: MADE THEM HIDE UNDER THE SHEETS IN TERROR.

    21. Furbies.