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Hilarious Tweets All Chipotle Lovers Will Totally Understand

"Don't even say it — I know guac is extra and it's OK!"

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1. Whenever someone asks you what you want to eat:

2. When you can't even remember the last time that you didn't want some Chipotle:

3. When you know it's the only thing in life you really need to make you happy:

4. When you know that the meaning of true love is when you and your S.O. are both on the same wavelength when it comes to Chipotle...

5. ...and that there is no bigger betrayal than when they enjoy some behind your back:

6. When even the longest of lines isn't a deterrent between you and a burrito:

7. When you spend your money on frivolous things and realize that you could've been spending it at Chipotle:

8. When you're there so often that you're on a first-name basis with the employees:

9. When your bank finds it impossible and suspicious that you would eat there so often:

10. When the employees are concerned that you eat there too much:

11. When even you become concerned that you might have a problem:

12. When you know what a sexy night is really all about:

13. When your idea of R&R includes a burrito:

14. When you see a Chipotle and it takes every fiber of your being NOT to stop in:

15. When you know that, if you could, Chipotle would be a meal to mark any special occasion with:

16. When the employee is a little stingy with the ingredients and you feel cheated...

17. ...or when you get an extra something for free and feel like they've totally got your back:

when my guy at chipotle doesn't charge me extra for the guac

18. When you know how to REALLY treat yourself:

19. When you'd think twice about moving somewhere based on whether it had a Chipotle or not:

20. When you'd rather have identity theft than miss out on a free burrito:

21. When you've got so many reward points that you essentially need some sorta VIP treatment:

22. When you'd basically bathe in their guac if you could:

23. When they run out of guacamole and you feel like there is no point in even ordering now:

24. When you're tired of being asked, "Guacamole is extra, is that OK?"

25. And finally, whenever you close your eyes and picture yourself with some Chipotle and it looks like this:

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