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    Dec 2, 2017

    OMG, Johnny Galecki Is Coming Back For The "Roseanne" Reboot!

    Darlene + David = 4eva

    So just in case you didn't know, the classic '80s/'90s sitcom Roseanne is getting a reboot.

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    And to top it all off, the original cast is coming back to reprise their roles!!!

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    Including John Goodman, who died on the show, but, somehow, they will explain how he is still alive.

    Of course, that led to one big question: Would Johnny Galecki who now stars in the biggest show on television, The Big Bang Theory, return to his role as Darlene's husband, David?

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    Galecki's David was a recurring character from the fourth through final season.

    Well good news! According to Entertainment Tonight, Barr tweeted and then deleted a tweet about Galecki's return to the series, saying:

    We have got our Johnny Galecki back on ‘Roseanne' this episode - what a joy to work with such a deeply empathetic actor,” Barr wrote. “Very moving 4 all of us. #JOY.

    While the tweet might be deleted, but Whitney Cummings, who is co-producing the reboot, shared this photo of on her Instagram Story, which is basically confirming Galecki's return for at least ONE episode.

    All I can say is this is GREAT news for Roseanne fans!!! Even if it's for just one episode, it will be great to see David and Darlene together again!!!

    ABC Television

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