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    William Hope's Eerie Spirit Photography

    These haunting photos are a product of early trick photography.

    These photos, taken throughout the early 1920s, are the work of controversial UK medium, William Hope, who claimed to be able to communicate with the dead through photography.

    Hope used double exposure techniques to help create the appearance of ghosts and spiritual entities in photos. Even after he was exposed as a fraud, he continued to have support from his followers and believers.

    An elderly couple with a young female spirit.

    The clergyman and the spirit of his long-deceased father.

    A "spirit" holds up a levitating table during a séance.

    Welsh mediums' Joe and Will Thomas and their grandmother's spirit.

    The spirit of the woman's husband appears as she mourns his death.

    Three elderly people surrounded by two spirits.

    A man surrounded by "signs" of spirits.

    Two spirits appear in the mist above the group.

    Man with a spirit face appearing in the mist.

    A woman's face appears above the heads of the women, surrounded in an ethereal-looking 'mist'.

    Woman with two boys and a female spirit.

    Couple with a spirit of husband's deceased sister.

    Man with the spirit of his deceased second wife.

    Mrs Bentley and the spirit of her deceased sister.

    Couple pose with the spirit of their deceased son in the car.