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It's Time To Find Out Which "Schitt's Creek" Character You Are Most Like

"What you did with this quiz was impulsive, capricious, and melodramatic. But, it also wasn’t wrong." —you after taking this quiz

CBC / Courtesy Everett Collection
  1. Pick a wig:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek
  2. Pick a Mariah Carey song:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek
  3. Pick a celebrity you would want to run into at a party aboard David Geffen's yacht:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek
  4. Pick a city you would want to jet off to:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek
  5. Pick something you would eat at the Café Tropical:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek
  6. Pick something to buy from Rose Apothecary:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek
  7. And finally, pick a TV show on Netflix to binge-watch:

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek

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