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LGBTQ People, What Advice Would You Give To Young Queer Kids That You Wish You Had Known?

Everyone has a few things they wish someone had told them about.

Growing up queer can often feel like an isolating experience. It is often a long process and journey to discovering who you really are — all while making very human mistakes along the way.


Of course, most people do come into their own and begin to feel comfortable with who they are. And at that point, you look back and wish you could tell your younger self so many things.

So we want to know: What advice would you give young queer people that you wish you had gotten yourself?

Maybe you would tell young kids how to deal with family members who are having a hard time accepting their sexuality or identity.

A middle-aged father and teenage son argue at home
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Or perhaps you would tell them not to be scared to put themselves out there when they first start dating. And also what pitfalls to avoid.

Lovely young women waving rainbow pride flags, hugging and kissing
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Maybe you want to tell them some of the things you wish you'd known about before coming out.

A person holding up a pride flag while looking down
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Or perhaps you don't have any advice — just words of encouragement and positivity that you feel every queer kid should hear.

Two young men making a heart with their hands / Getty Images / iStockphoto

It's time to share that wisdom and advice you want to pass down to young queer kids. Tell us in the comments and your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post! Or, if you’d rather remain anonymous, simply fill out this form instead.