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    19 Weird Things People's Families Did That They Thought Were Completely Normal

    Telling a child it's illegal for stores to sell kids candy is just cruel.

    Early this week, Reddit user u/ancient_asshole4 asked the AskReddit community: "What normal thing in your childhood did you later realize was extremely weird?"

    Of course, the thread then blew up, as thousands of people chimed in to share the things they didn't realize was not something everyone else did. Below are some of the best comments:

    1. "My parents didn’t want to shout our names for dinner or for us to come downstairs, so my Dad installed a literal doorbell in our bedrooms. If we were needed in the kitchen we were summoned by the 'child bell'."

    2. "My parents had a ship’s bell (mounted on the wall by the kitchen door) to call me."


    3. "When my mom made French toast, we ate it like regular toast with a dash of salt. When I was in third grade a friend spent the night and asked for syrup. SYRUP? I’d never heard of syrup on French toast!"


    4. "My mom used to have me practice screaming for help at the top of my lungs before going to friend's houses ಠ_ಠ."


    5. "My parents have accents. Instead of 'grilled cheese [sandwich]' I called it 'great cheese' well into my teens since that's how my parents pronounced it. I only learned to call it grilled cheese when I was out eating with friends and ordered a great cheese and no one knew what on earth I was talking about... I was 18."

    6. "My Christian family used to celebrate Passover. As in, glass of wine out for Elijah, youngest kid asking ritual questions, ceremonial plates, the whole seder package."

    "Sometimes we did this as guests at a Jewish friend's house, but at least once, my very Methodist mother cooked a full authentic seder menu in our house. I knew not everyone did this, but all my Jewish friends at school did, so I didn't think much of it. Then I transferred to a Catholic school and was SHOCKED that most kids knew nothing at all about Judaism."


    7. "My mom taught me and my sister to howl at the moon. It would get our dog all worked up, and he'd howl too. It would make my grandma so mad, but my mom found it hilarious."


    8. "Burger Roulette: Every time there was a barbecue or we made burgers, one of the burgers would be stuffed with hot sauce and peppers. So hilarious and definitely made dinners more exciting, but not a normal thing, LOL."


    9. "Getting honked at, flipped off, and yelled at while driving. I just thought driving was this extremely aggressive and negative experience that made everyone angry."

    "Turns out my dad was a serial tailgater who used to ride right up on people's asses in front of us, regardless of the speed we were traveling. Highways, subdivisions, country roads, it didn't matter. It wasn't until I began to learn to drive myself that it all made sense."


    10. "My parents had us drink the water we boiled corn in. When I told my friends at school I drank corn broth, they said that isn’t a thing. They had us drink that instead of normal water since it had some flavor and we didn’t like plain water."

    11. "Whenever it would rain hard, my mom had us kids stay home from school. She would order-in Chinese food and watch scary movies with us all day long. I grew up thinking that nobody went to school on rainy days. And to this day the rain is one of my absolute biggest comforts."


    12. "Going out shopping every night of the week. My mom was — and still is — a serious shopping addict and I thought it was normal to go out and shop around almost every night after dinner."


    13. "Yiddish. I didn’t realize that some words I thought were English were actually Yiddish, until I went to college. Didn’t help that my hometown and high school was 40% Jewish and 90% children from parents who grew up in Brooklyn."


    14. "I always wanted candy from the grocery store when we were checking out. My mom told me it was illegal for the cashier to sell children candy if it wasn't their birthday. I was in third grade before I realized it was untrue."

    15. "My dad didn't want to be one of those dads shouting our names. Whenever he needed to call us he would whistle like how you whistle for a dog — like we had our own pitches and everything. But I found out as an adult that it is actually considered quite rude to whistle at people when you want their attention. Me and my brother still whistle at each other in the store if we go together and get separated."


    16. "My parents calling each other queer and teasing each other. As a child I thought they were straight and that was just a thing. Years later learned it’s because both my parents are bi and just think it’s funny to call each other 'a queer,' LMAO."


    17. "My family used to use the bathroom with the door open. When I was in kindergarten I did this and when another kid walked in they were like, 'WTF?'"


    18. "I didn't realize most families didn't have three different cars until I shifted to public school. I didn't realize how well-off we actually were because in private school I was one of the poor kids."

    "My family is upper-class, but my friends had literal mansions and servants. One guy I'm still friends with got an airplane for Christmas from his dad. An. Airplane."


    19. "Adding sugar to Coke."


    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.