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We Tried The Butterbeers At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter And Wow

Accio ALL the Butterbeers.

Earlier this year, Universal Studios Hollywood opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, bringing J.K. Rowling's magic to Southern California!

And while rides are nice and all, every true Potterhead knows the best part of the theme park is indulging in one of the THREE different types of Butterbeer options.

But unless you're willing to perform an Engorgio charm on your stomach, it's tough to decide which Butterbeer to indulge in. Luckily for you, we Muggles decided to put all three flavors to the test to see which came out on top.


Brian: The first thing you notice with the Frozen version is that it has the consistency of a frozen margarita, which is nice and actually quite refreshing on a hot day — which it happened to be on the day we visited, despite all the snow covering the roofs of Hogsmeade. Also, the overall sweetness is less pronounced at first and subtly comes in the more you drink it.

Sam: The Frozen Butterbeer is the type of indulgent treat you'd want to knock back after a major Quidditch victory. Of the three, it feels the most like a dessert, although its notes of butterscotch and vanilla don't overwhelm the taste buds. I approve of this drink, and I think Madam Rosmerta would too.


Brian: OK, so this simply delicious and what I always imagined Butterbeer would taste like. It's a magical bubbly concoction that tastes like something between root beer, cream soda, and Coca-Cola. I could basically drink this all day and, also, now I know why all the students at Hogwarts were HOOKED on it.

Sam: I'd say this is the version of Butterbeer that Hermione's dentist parents would least approve of, and I'm HERE for it. The bottom portion basically tastes like cream soda, which is fine. But the creamy head is the real winner — a delicious frothy top that tastes like vanilla and Gryffindor winning the House Cup. Basically, my version of the Room of Requirement would be filled with the stuff (and also Cedric Diggory).


Brian: OMG, this tastes like Christmas in a cup!!! Like every time I take a sip it tastes like something slightly different, but still equally delicious. It tastes a bit like butterscotch and white chocolate mixed together. It's also bit thick, like Mexican hot chocolate and creamy, definitely something you'd want to drink on a cold day. Not going to lie, I'd fight Voldermort for a second mug of this (OK, maybe not Voldermort, but I'd knock over a first year for a mug).

Sam: I felt like I was literally drinking a waffle. Or maybe I was making out with a gingerbread man. Either way, my taste buds were in HEAVEN. But remember that this drink is HOT, just like Neville Longbottom in the last Harry Potter movie. Maybe it's not the best choice to order a warm sugary drink in SoCal, but do it anyway.

Final thoughts:

Alright, so what's YOUR favorite version of Butterbeer?

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