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    22 More Hilarious Tweets About Being An Adult That'll Have You Both Laughing And Feeling Seen

    Oof, the accuracy.

    Ahhhh, adulthood — it's truly one of those things where everyone just pretends to know what they're doing, when, really, they don't.

    Team Coco / Via

    And like I said before, being an adult is something that should come with an instruction manual and, tbh, a YouTube instructional video, too.

    So continuing in the spirit of all of us who are just basically cosplaying being an adult, here are some more hilarious tweets that perfectly sum up adulthood:

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    adulthood is all about inheriting your parents' medical problems and realizing why they are kind of mean

    Twitter: @bugposting


    Adulthood is stressful and expensive af😪, didn’t sign up for this shii🤦🏼‍♀️

    Twitter: @homegyall
    Sony Music


    adulthood is making the same meal 40 times in a row until you are done with that meal and it's time for 40 of a new meal

    Twitter: @AnyaVolz


    adulthood is having one friend announce a pregnancy while the other one announces her divorce and im sitting here like

    Twitter: @rougecherries


    adulthood is just an endless cycle of thinking you’ve finally got some savings and then instantly being hit by an unexpected bill

    Twitter: @pepperiboo


    I think the purest measure of adulthood is how quickly you put things away after using them.

    Twitter: @mikegolicjr
    Warner Bros. Television


    Adulthood is.....concealing a lot of emotions.

    Twitter: @therachelravana


    Adulthood is just endless remakes of Batman and being pissed off.

    Twitter: @Stap_Jr


    Adulthood is realizing how badly put together most History Channel documentaries are and revisiting all the “I saw it on the History Channel” claims you can remember making as a teenager

    Twitter: @ztsamudzi


    Adulthood is filled with disappointment and negotiations.

    Twitter: @The_Nenye


    Adulthood is just receiving an endless stream of documents that no one tells you whether to keep or throw away and always somehow guessing wrong

    Twitter: @britrbennett
    Warner Bros.


    im surprised you think I should have aged out of being emo when adulthood is exponentially more depressing than middle school

    Twitter: @elijahwitt


    One of the most notable things about adulthood is how you’re always exhausted but can never fall asleep.

    Twitter: @OhNoSheTwitnt


    adulthood is just saying "okay I just have to make it through today" every morning and then one day you die

    Twitter: @Grace_Segers


    80% of adulthood is trying to figure out what upset your stomach.

    Twitter: @mommajessiec


    Adulthood is having your fridge stocked and still taking out egg and bread for dinner cause you can’t bother.

    Twitter: @lijitimate


    Adulthood is just a constant process of learning more and more songs you’ve heard in the background of your entire life are by Fleetwood Mac.

    Twitter: @emilyvdw


    Adulthood is being really excited to buy new underwear and socks but also being stressed about the cost of new underwear and socks

    Twitter: @BlackOutCos


    Oh my god adulthood is just paying off debt to make room for a little more debt and then trying to pay off that debt.

    Twitter: @Amander007


    Adulthood is realizing other adults don’t know what’s going on either

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet


    Adulthood is realizing no one cares about you and the show must go on

    Twitter: @scarlettttr


    Adulthood is slowly watching yourself go from SpongeBob to Squidward.......

    Twitter: @suave_baee