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40 Very, Very Random Things That Will Make You Say, "Well, I Completely Forgot About That"

You probably forgot that you forgot about all of these!

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1. Answering machines that weren't attached to phones:

2. And micro-cassettes that went inside the answering machines:

3. Kudos:

4. Breyers Viennetta cake (which you thought was the FANCIEST dessert ever):

5. Those giant Looney Tunes statues inside the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

Jazzy Bill/

6. And this Warner Bros. Studio Store bag:

7. These dancing flowers:

8. Extra-long telephone cords:

9. Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars:

10. These spinner things at McDonald's PlayPlaces:

11. And these creepy Filet-O-Fish spring riders at McDonald's PlayPlaces:

12. Collector's edition VHS movies that came in large boxes:

13. Collector's edition laser discs that cost like $200 and came with many discs:

14. Physical Netflix DVDs to allow you to stream:

15. These projectors:

16. Multi-disc CD player boom boxes that even came with remotes:

17. Headphone radios like this:

18. Books that were written specifically to be read on the toilet:

19. Car stereo systems that looked like this:


20. Butter sprinkles:

21. Calling collect:

22. The South Beach Diet:

23. The PennySaver:

24. AOL CDs:


25. Homies figurines, that you would get out of gumball machines:

26. Franklin Mint commemorative plates:

27. A VHS rewinder machine.


28. Cinn-A-Burst gum:

29. The perforated part of printer paper you used to have to tear off:

30. These stretched out vintage bottles that you always saw in antique stores:

31. The "Love Bug" computer virus:

32. This "Original Britney" T-shirt:

33. These plastic shapes that taught you about shapes:

34. The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape:


35. Elvis postage stamps:

36. These Liquid Ice Breakers:

37. Cigarette ads in magazines:

38. McSalad Shakers:


39. These terrifying Steve Madden ads:

40. And finally, film for a photo camera:

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