40 Photos Of Things Millennials Haven’t Thought About In 20 Years But Will Recognize On Sight

    *Sings in a Celine Dion voice* "It's all coming back to me now!"

    1. Pierre Escargot sitting in his bathtub and saying,"hon-hon-hon":

    2. This yearly flexibility test that was part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test and was truly the most painful thing ever:

    3. These pencils that were an absolute status symbol, but also just useless if you lost a couple of cartridges:

    4. These poster displays you'd find in the back of the store, and the satisfying "cluck-cluck" sound they would make whenever you'd flip to the next one:

    5. The oh-so-cool-for-like-a-week 3D posters that you could hang on your bedroom wall like artwork:

    6. All the extra labels that came with blank VHS tapes that no one would ever use:

    7. The 75 folders you'd have to open up in Windows just so you could play solitaire:

    8. The animated underwater screensaver that came with Windows 98 that you thought was so realistic and felt like you could stare at forever:

    9. The Kids' WB programming block — that arguably had the best lineup of cartoons — back when it was still the WB:

    10. The promotional Pocahontas glasses you could get at Burger King:

    11. The Burger King Kids Club characters that were featured on the Kids Club Meal cups:

    12. The Crossfire commercial that made it seem like it was the most intense board game ever:

    13. Creepy Crawlers and the distinct plasticky smell that would come from the molding oven anytime you made something:

    14. The coupon dispensers in the aisles of the supermarket that were essentially used just by kids as a toy:

    15. Butterfinger BB's candy, which was the perfect Butterfinger candy:

    16. These brushes that your mom would have in her purse:

    17. The Spacemaker pencil box, which would always explode open if you accidentally dropped it:

    18. These mouses that always felt awkward to use:

    19. The turtle sandbox, which would turn into a cat toilet if you forgot to put the shell back on it:

    20. Having to set your TV to Channel 3 whenever you played video games or wanted to watch a VHS tape:

    21. And the green volume bar that would display across the bottom quarter of your TV whenever you raised or lowered the volume:

    22. These blocks that, like Legos, also hurt to step on barefoot:

    23. These Garfield glasses that every family seemed to own:

    24. The ashtrays that were built into seats in older cars and were fun to play with (if you managed to pry one open):

    25. The fishing game that sounded like it was grinding ice whenever you played with it:

    26. Tiger handheld games, which really made you strain your eyes anytime you played with one:

    27. Brain Quest games that truly made learning fun:

    28. Kool-Aid Bursts, which were the coolest drinks you could have in your lunchbox:

    29. And these Pringles chips cases that actually did a job protecting your chips in your lunchbox: