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    19 Creepy Vintage Ventriloquist Dummies Who Are Totally Getting Ready To Kill Their Owners

    And you thought Slappy the Dummy was horrifying!

    1. This dummy who is just staring deep into the soul of his poor owner.

    2. This gang that is clearly looking for a couple more heads to add to the collection.

    3. This dummy that doesn't appreciate that he is slowly being replaced.

    4. Look at that dummy, you know she is not appreciating the competition.

    5. This dummy that is clearly tired of being in a "special" relationship with her owner.

    6. You know that scary as fuck clown dummy is just waiting for the right moment to strangle his owner with that handlebar mustache.

    7. This dummy grew up to be the Snickers grocery store lady!

    8. This dummy who is just playing dead.

    9. This dummy looks like he wants to go after the kids as well.

    10. This might be one of the most scariest family photos ever.

    11. This dummy seems unhappy to be missing one of his eyeballs.

    12. Look at those TEETH! I bet that dummy just chomped his owner to death.

    13. That dummy definitely has the look of murder in his eyes.

    14. No, that wasn't the dog making noises outside.

    15. OMG! That dummy head on the upper left is ready to go in for the kill.

    16. That face! Seriously, who would pick that dummy out?

    17. Wait, is this guy raising Leatherface?!

    18. WTF?!

    19. YIKES!!! We clearly caught this dummy in the act!