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    35 Facts That Are Just Truly Upsetting For '90s Girls

    Spoiler alert: Lots and lots of "OMG...WTF?!" moments ahead!

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    1. Courteney Cox (who is 52) is now older than Rue McClanahan was when she started on The Golden Girls.

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images

    Rue was 51 when she first started the show in 1985.

    2. She is also now older than Tom Selleck was when he first appeared as Dr. Burke on Friends.

    Warner Bros. Television

    Tom was 51 when he first appeared on the show.

    3. Speaking of Friends, the show has been part of the oldies block on Nick at Nite for five years now.

    Warner Bros. Television

    4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is only three years younger than Tim Allen was during the first season of Home Improvement.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    JTT just turned 35, while Tim was 38 when the show premiered.

    5. You haven't been able to pick up a new issue of YM in 12 years...

    Conde Nast Publications

    6. ...or a new issue of Sassy in 20 years!

    Lang Communications

    7. Twenty years ago was also when the Spice Girls first dropped their debut single "Wannabe"...

    Sony Music

    8. ...and when "Don't Speak" was a hit for No Doubt.


    9. CK One debuted the same year that Justin Bieber was born, 1994.

    Calvin Klein

    10. Also, those once cool and ubiquitous CK Jeans sweaters are back in style again...

    11. are the Tommy Jeans logo T-shirts.


    Basically none of today's teens were around to wear them the first time!

    12. And in case you were wondering, Aaliyah's iconic Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign happened 19 years ago.

    Paper Mag / Via

    13. You haven't been able to shop at Contempo Casuals in 15 years.


    They all converted to Wet Seal.

    14. NSYNC recently celebrated the group's 21st anniversary.

    15. You might think of Alicia Silverstone as an eternal teenager, but she is now 40 years old.


    16. And when you think of Hanson, you probably think of Zac as an eternal 11-year-old…

    …but he is almost 31 and is a father of four.

    17. Beauty and the Beast is truly becoming a "tale as old as time," as this year marks the film's 25th anniversary.


    18. Kevin McCallister was left home alone 26 years ago...

    20th Century Fox

    ...and this is what Macaulay Culkin looks like today.

    Jack Dishel / Via

    He is now 36, which is the same age Catherine O'Hara was when she played his mother in the movie.

    19. This iconic moment from Casper is 21 years old.


    20. Also, Christina Ricci is now older than Rosie O'Donnell was when she played "old" Roberta in Now and Then.

    New Line Cinema

    Christina is 36, while Rosie was 33 when she made the film.

    21. Nintendo 64 just celebrated the 20th anniversary of its release and you can now find it on display in museums.

    22. If That ’70s Show was started today and set the same number of years back, it’d be called That ’90s Show and could take place in 1994.


    The series, which started in 1998, took place 22 years earlier, in 1976.

    23. It has been a decade since Disney last made one of these classic VHS tapes:


    In case you were wondering, Bambi II, released in 2006, was the last Disney animated movie released on VHS.

    24. ~Cool girl~ nail polish brand Hard Candy celebrated its 20th anniversary last year!

    Hard Candy

    They temporarily released its original colors in honor of the anniversary.

    25. Green Day is now considered classic rock.

    26. If Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell were a real couple, they would have just celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary.


    And they probably would’ve had a kid who'd either be in high school or college. *gulp!*

    27. And if Buffy Summers were a real person, she would have celebrated her 35th birthday this year.

    28. Ben Savage and Rider Strong are now older than Anthony Tyler Quinn (Mr. Turner) was when he started on Boy Meets World.

    ABC Television

    29. ...the Olsen twins are now older than John Stamos was when he started on Full House...

    ABC Television

    30. ...and Will Smith is now three years older than James Avery (Uncle Phil) was at the beginning of Fresh Prince.


    31. Most kids who graduated high school this year were born in 1998, the same year that "The Boy Is Mine" was released and TRL first premiered.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    32. That also makes the class of 2016 younger than Tamagotchis...

    Tamagotchis were first released in Japan in 1996.

    33. ...Usher's "You Make Me Wanna"...

    Sony Music

    34. ...and Titanic — which will turn 20 YEARS OLD next year!!!


    35. And finally, we're closer to the year 2030 than we are to 1999!!!

    Yup, 1999 was 17 years ago, while 2030 is only 14 years away!

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