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21 Graduation Cakes That Do Not Get A Passing Grade

'Cause nothing commemorates a big day like a cake fail.

1. A unicorn with rainbow diarrhea? Um. OK?

2. "You're photo here"...maybe they're being really deep?!

3. In all fairness, it could be "2011" somewhere.

4. I don't care what you say, Christina Inthe Banner is a HOT name.

5. Were they trying to spell "gyrations"?

6. What?

7. I see "congress grade."

8. Wow, millennials really are the "all about me" generation.

9. Is taffle some sort of British pastry?

10. Conrats to everyone!

11. At least it's not conrats?

12. Did Sean get his "degaree" in Halloween Studies?

13. Who doesn't want to feel validated as a Victorian?

14. The spelling of "graduates" aside, everything about this cake says "Fuck it."

15. We really should all aspire to live by these words:

16. At least they were able to correct the spelling of "God."

17. I wonder why the cake decorator at no point questioned why they were writing this on a cake?

18. TBH, I am really wondering what sticker they were supposed to put on the cake.

19. At least they wrote down the instructions correctly.

20. Someone was clearly thinking about their lunch break.

21. Lfdmfnrkefnewfeebfnf...