People Are Sharing The Most Underrated Christmas Gifts They Have Ever Gotten, And Most Of These Truly Deserve More Hype

    All I want for Christmas issssss...everything on this list, honestly.

    Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift can sometimes feel like a fool's errand (even when it's for someone you know really well). But there are also times when you think outside the box a little bit and get the person a gift they weren't expecting —and might not be the most exciting thing — but that they truly love.

    And recently, Reddit user nina18baby asked the AskReddit community: "What is the most underrated Christmas gift?"

    Phoebe and Rachel

    Lots of people chimed in to share the Christmas gifts that are totally underrated. Here are some of the top and best comments:

    1. "One time at work, we were doing this white elephant thing (I don't remember the exact rules, but essentially, everybody brings a gift, and everybody leaves with a different gift). The plan was to buy goofy, funny things, like the non-risqué stuff you see at Spencer's or something. When I opened mine, it was a 124-pack of toilet paper. Everybody laughed and thought it was funny, but I've never even come close to receiving a gift as amazing as that. I have no idea why nobody tried to take it from me unless they somehow knew I'd physically fight them over it."

    Someone holding a bunch of toilet paper

    2. "Extra phone chargers and wire organizers. I'll be damn glad I have an extra charger if mine goes missing/breaks. It's something I'd probably not think about until it happens, and then, I'm scrambling to find a charger before my phone dies."

    Charging cables

    3. "Every year, my grandma would get everyone toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, Q-Tips…didn’t realize how great it was until she was gone."


    4. "Nice sheets or towels. Everybody enjoys them, but no one I know can ever justify spending good money on sheets or towels. I have gifted a bunch, and they are always well received."

    Towels and linens

    5. "One year, when I was pretty broke, someone gave me a nice tote filled with non-perishables. I suddenly had a nice stockpile of stuff like soup, crackers, and cookies, and on top of that, had a tote to store stuff in when I emptied it! It was way more useful to me than a soap set or something else like that that they could have potentially given me."

    A pantry

    6. "Premium subscription to something the person already uses the free version of. They're guaranteed to use it, and it's already something they've decided that they weren't going to splurge on themselves for. So, as a gift, it's both a necessity and a luxury. I did this for my wife last year, and she still talks about what a great gift it was."


    7. "Restaurant gift cards, especially for local, non-chain restaurants. You give them a reason to go eat out with their S.O.;it's thoughtful and usually will bring them a lot of joy."

    A gift card

    8. "Grocery or gas gift cards."


    9. "Nice, comfy pajamas — I never buy them for myself. Usually, Pooh Bear it to bed 🤣."


    10. "My grandmother paid my gas bill one Christmas. I thought that was a nice present."

    Gas bill

    11. "Pet toys. I love when people remember my kitties."

    Pet toys

    12. "Underwear. I never buy that shit. 😆"

    Men's underwear

    13. "A one-time mobile detail or landscaping service. Got one of each once. Life-changing. Such a small but positive thing to motivate you to keep things that may have gotten out of hand clean."

    A man wiping down a car's exterior

    14. "One year, when I didn't have much money but a lot of wrapping paper, I bought random groceries and wrapped them. No one complained. People called when they used the box of pasta/cake mix/pancakes months later."

    Boxed pasta

    15. "Quality coffee."


    16. "A bidet — it's better than sliced bread."

    A bidet

    And lastly...

    17. "Socks!"


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