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Justin Timberlake Has A New Song And People Are Very Divided On It

One thing is for sure, haters aren't saying it's fake.

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So, earlier this week, Justin Timberlake dropped a dramatic video announcing his new album, Man of the Woods, and, also, the fact that he would be releasing a new single, "Filthy."

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"Filthy" is his first new song since 2016's "Can't Stop the Feeling," and Man of the Woods is his first new album since 2013's The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2.

Of course, releasing new music makes sense, after all he is set to perform at the Super Bowl next month.
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Of course, releasing new music makes sense, after all he is set to perform at the Super Bowl next month.

Well, late last night, Justin dropped "Filthy," and the video for it. And, well, people on Twitter had OPINIONS.

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Some people immediately loved it and deemed it a bop:

#filthy it's sounds different, fresh and unlike anything on the radio right now. I'm so here for it.

#FILTHY is a bop. It's very catchy. I can dance to it all day. all year. The production is incredible. Clever. Very…

#Filthy is the perfect song to begin Justin's new era 👏

While other people were confused on exactly what direction he is heading, as it didn't sound or look very ~woodsy~:

The marketing for JT's new album, Man Of The Woods vs the actual music and visuals are not very cohesive and honest…

i thought justin timberlake’s album was inspired by campfires in the tennessee forests so why his new video just a…

Others don't want to hear anything from Justin other than an apology to Janet Jackson:

The way Justin Timberlake left Janet Jackson behind to face criticism by herself was #Filthy.

I don’t wanna hear nothing from Justin Timberlake unless it’s an apology to Janet Jackson & that’s just the true te…

Call me when Justin Timberlake walks into the woods with a big shovel and digs up an apology to Janet Jackson.

While other Twitter folks just felt that song completely missed the mark:

Me listening to Justin Timberlake's new single #Filthy

First I thought JT’s song new song #filthy was trash. Upon second listen I think it’s garbage.

I bet JT was really in the studio high fiving himself recording #Filthy and his whole crew was probably in the back…

It's a Friday in 2018 and most of the Internet is more excited by a book about the President than a new Justin Timb…

However you feel about the song, one thing is for sure, Justin got everyone talking.

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