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Twiggy's Do's And Don'ts As Told By Tyra Banks

In 1967, the iconic model gave out good everyday advice to young women everywhere. But could her fellow top model, Tyra, follow her advice and come up on top?

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Do: Wear bright pastel colors! Remember the world is your red carpet it, so work it.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment

"If you like bright pastel colors, wear them. They lift your spirits to the skies. And you look much prettier, especially when it’s a dark, foggy day, and people are in the dumps."

Do: Confide in your mom, she is the best person to help you solve your problems.

“Take your problems to your Mum. She’s your best friend in the world really, and she’ll help you figure everything out just right. She’ll love having you turn to her because that’s what she's there for.”


Do: Always have girlfriends -- like Tyra has in Naomi Campbell.

“Always have girl friends. They’re a comfort and fun to be with. Girls need to have other girls so they can compare notes on clothes and boys and things.”


Don’t: Wear your hair in some crazy elaborate hairdo.

“Don’t have elaborate sophisticated hairdos. You should wear your hair simply, in a style fitting to your face. And the simpler it is, the easier it will be for you to care for it.”

Finally, if you have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all."

“Don’t be a nasty old gossip. You can do a great deal of harm and absolutely no good. And other girls and boys would stay away from you. If you can’t say something decent about another person, then don’t say anything at all.”