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19 Tweets Anyone Addicted To Diet Coke Will Completely Relate To

"Just hook it to my veins!"

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1. When your cravings for the synthetically sweet nectar wakes you up in the middle of the night:

2. When your body doesn't know how to cope without it:

3. When money becomes no object:

4. When you realize it's the ONLY thing you need to survive:

5. When you're just waiting for Coca-Cola to release an IV version:

6. When your friends and loved ones know to get you the one gift that you REALLY want:

7. When your first sip of Diet Coke, after not having one for a few days, feels like reuniting with a long lost friend:

8. When you have to begrudgingly make an adult decision of what's healthier for you:

9. When the six pack chilling in the fridge beckons you like a siren's call:

10. When you SAID you wanted a Diet Coke and they try to pull a fast one on you:

11. When you can't even live without it:

12. When it becomes an actual personal sacrifice to give up:

13. When you look for ways to justify your addiction:

14. When you openly admit that a large percentage of your income goes to Coca-Cola:

15. When being stuck in traffic or dealing with an ungrateful boss pales in comparison to running out of Diet Coke:

16. When you actually count the amount of Diet Cokes you drink in a day and are shocked to find out it's a lot more than you thought:

17. When this is the first thing that pops up when you put an "h" in Google:

18. When you know that kicking your Diet Coke habit is taking it one day at a time:

19. And finally, when this sums up your relationship with Diet Coke:


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