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Tracee Ellis Ross Explained The Backstory Behind Her Mom, Diana Ross's, Now Iconic Lost Fanny Pack Tweet

She may be a legendary diva, but she's basically just like everyone's mom.

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So, in case you missed this, last weekend The Boss herself, Diana Ross, tweeted out this (now classic) tweet thanking someone who found her fanny pack at a Marshall's in LA:

Thank U to the Angell I lost my fanny pack in Marshall’s in LA on Olympic & someone turned it in,What a blessing

And immediately everyone on Twitter was like:


Well, Diana's daughter, the fantastic and cool AF Tracee Ellis Ross, was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and she gave a bit more backstory on the tweet:

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Tracee started off by stating that while, yes, her mom is a living legend, she is also totally a mom and grandma who really LOVES her fanny pack.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/

Of course, like any mom would, Diana called Tracee immediately to tell her about the whole Marshall's ordeal. And specifically to say how grateful she was.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/

And while Tracee couldn't quite explain why her mom was shopping at Marshall's (but really, doesn't every mom shop at Marshall's?!), Jimmy was quick to point out that this was totally a missed opportunity for some cross-promotion with fellow discount chain, Ross.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/

So there you go, Diana is an iconic diva who loves a good bargain and a fanny pack!


We stan a diva who loves a bargain.

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