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    18 Things Anyone Under The Age Of 17 Will Have To Google To Understand

    A list for anyone who still knows Stick Stickly's address by heart.

    1. That this was probably the first selfie you ever took:

    2. That there was no better way to create masterpieces than with Kid Pix:

    3. That cleaning the inside of the mouse was both annoying and deeply gratifying:

    4. That Fisher-Price Little People were actually very little:

    5. That this was the best afternoon lineup EVER, and if you missed an episode you were shit out of luck (you'd have to wait until they ran a rerun):

    6. That you knew Stick Stickly's address better than your own:

    7. That there was no cooler store at the mall than the Warner Bros. Studio Store:

    8. That using one of these during computer time was a treat:

    9. That these clamshell VHS cases had the most addictive smell:

    10. That you had a deep-down feeling that you could totally beat Aggro Crag:

    11. That you always had a fifty-fifty chance of not being able to log onto AOL:

    12. That this was the first thing you looked through whenever you had to do a school report:

    13. That these were the coolest headphones, even if it hurt like hell to wear them:

    14. That this was very likely what the first porn movie you ever saw looked like:

    15. That purple ketchup tasted different (even though it tasted exactly like regular ketchup):

    16. That you needed to wait until Sunday to find out which new video games and movies were being released:

    17. That long movies came on two or more VHS tapes:

    18. And finally, that there was NO better place to celebrate your birthday than Discovery Zone: